Apple museum to be opened in Poland will host over 1,500 exhibits

This autumn, a new Apple Museum in Poland opens the world’s largest collection of Apple devices, with over 1,500 exhibits. The new interactive museum is dedicated to the history of the Apple brand. It will contain the second largest and most complete collection of the company’s gadgets in the world. The museum shines for its importance. It is to be the largest and most complete collection of its kind in the world.

The Museum, is located in the revitalized Norblin factory complex in Warsaw. It hosts an unlikely location for a museum dedicated to the company. “We are pleased that the next factory museum in Norblins will tell the story of a place where the record industry flourished in the past.” The exhibitions will provide modern technological ideas in an accessible form. As well as design features and the whole philosophy for which Apple has thrived through its existence. It will open in the autumn.

The Apple Museum will display over 1500 exhibits related to the history of the company. As well as the development and evolution of Apple products through the years. Japko, Beeg the company responsible for the production and marketing of Apple, will be behind it.

The museum will cover over 3,500 square meters and display creative and interactive exhibits. Visitors will be able to witness a variety of products.  Apple computers, notebook accessories, mobile phones, software, peripherals, posters, memorabilia and much more. A museum dedicated to Apple and its products displays 1,500 exhibits on the development and development of Apple products during the history of the company.

Plans to expand – Apple’s history all over the world

Earlier in the year, Apple broke the news of plans to own a smaller Apple museum in Kiev, Ukraine that will host more than 300 exhibits. At the center of the exhibition is the starting point for visitors to work on a replica Apple 1 computer. This computer was made by the museum’s owners and a group of volunteers, and a genuine Steve Wozniak signature motherboard. In early fall, Apple enthusiasts will be able to see 1,000 exhibits from computers, laptops, phones, software, and peripherals to guided exhibitions tracing Apple’s evolution in chronological order.

There will be an emphasis on prototypes that have never achieved mass production and short-lived devices that have failed commercially. There will be exhibits that allow people to interact with products and use special sensors to suggest new interesting Apple objects. A network of sensors across the museum will suggest objects that might be of interest to visitors on the tour. These audiovisual guides will help recall scenes from certain Apple collections and create audiovisual spaces.

Scenography, lighting, animation, sound, mapping, and infographics allows viewers to interact with objects in unique environments full of social and cultural contexts as well as easily understood technical information. The sensors will be distributed throughout the museum, offering visitors interesting objects during their walks, as well as scenes created around special Apple collections in a specially created audiovisual space.

Under the supervision of museum experts, visitors can touch and test the devices with their hands. “We have designed the multimedia space in such a way that people can not only see the exhibitions, but also experience them.” The museum will be available for private guided tours prior to its official opening. The museum is also working with Binance to release an NFT in time for the fall exhibition later this year.