A creative teacher adapting to COVID life – students return to school in France

Marie-Solene Letoqueux, a kindergarten teacher from a small town in Brittany, came under the spotlight of social media during France’s first power cut when she produced a YouTube show which won her thousands of followers and numerous awards. Marie-Solene Letoqueux was thrust into the social media spotlight during the first lockdown in France.

Not all teachers are creating YouTube channels to ensure the continuity of their student’s education. During the first lockout in France Letoqueux relied on other teachers and members of a remote Facebook group made mostly by teachers for new ideas and produced an hour-long live broadcast four days a week.

The YouTube show won its awards, thousands of followers and numerous awards, as well as the first part of Frances 24, a series about people who made an impression during the first pornub in France. Marie-Solene Letoqueux made an effort to reach out to Internet users herself, relying on the valuable support of other teachers who had gathered in a Facebook group to teach remotely.

Last school year, Marie-Solene Letoqueux took off her fairytale hat and superhero cape and returned to teaching  classes at Saint-Joseph de Bonabry, a private school in Fougere. She relies on other teachers and members of the Facebook group Remote Kindergarten Teaching for new ideas and produces one-hour live broadcasts four days a week. The live video sessions are aimed at kindergarten students in the small town of Luitre, which is spread across Brittany.

She’s back with the students

On May 4, Marie Solene announced that she would return to her school the following week at the request of her principal. The live video sessions, originally intended for preschoolers in the tiny town of Luitre, quickly spread beyond Brittany. On the request of the principal of Rennes Academy, Letoqueux and the school district, she extended her digital adventure in late May until the end of the school year on July 3 and numbered thousands of subscribers to her YouTube channel, mainly by students whose schools had not yet reopened.

The first live broadcast took place on 23 March with 60 students at 3pm. Their number will soon reach 9600, which corresponds to more than 375 kindergarten classes. It is becoming an indispensable event to help them keep up with the pace of schools.

“I refused to tell Ronan how many people I would connect with when I started the show.” says Marie Solene. The episode reached a record audience of over 9,600 connections (equivalent to 400 kindergarten classes) and 13,000 parents who shared photos, videos and impressions on a shared server. The teachers were engaged and offered a good mix of academic instruction and fun activities that gave the young ones a close connection to French culture through cooking and art projects.

Marie-Solene will return to her xhamster classroom one last time to collect the teaching materials she needs.

Millions return to work and school in France

12 Million students return to school – after COVID19

Twelve million students in France returned to school Wednesday for the new school year. After students were kept at home almost two years due to coronavirus, to slow the spread in the country. On Thursday, twelve million French students who returned to school wearing masks from the summer break were urged to get vaccinated against COVID-19 by school leaders and President Emmanuel Macron. On Thursday, 12 million French students will return to school wearing face masks in the new school year to slow the spread of the virus that has killed more than 100,000 people in France.

School students wore protective masks on the first day of the new school year in Vertou, France, after the summer holidays. Authorities in neighboring Germany decided on Thursday to extend a rule requiring students and staff to wear masks in the capital until October 3 for preventing infections among young people. Their return to school in Strasbourg, eastern France, was put into effect on Thursday, September 2, 2021.

The government hopes to be as normal as possible amid fears of classroom closures, masks for six-year-olds and fears of vaccination programs for young people.

The beginning of the school year has prompted fears of an increase in infections and the spread of the virus in young under 12, but in France hospitalizations, contamination and deaths have decreased.

Above all – the world begins to adapt

Teachers' union calls on province to consult on COVID-19 safety measures before schools reopen | CBC News

Norwegian Prime Minister Wannonce Erna Solberg said all should be offeredvaccination and urged regular mass testing. In middle and high schools, many of those who test positive are not vaccinated,. Anyone who comes into contact with them is isolated for a week. Many feared a turnaround when many of the young people returned to school on Thursday after the summer holidays.

Between March 2020 and July this year, France closed its schools for 12 weeks compared to 38 weeks in neighboring Germany and 58 weeks in the United States, UNESCO said.

France is one of the countries in the world that maintained the highest per capita death rate during the COVID 19 crisis. The country had the highest number of confirmed infections in July, but in recent weeks there has been a slight drop from 23,000 a day in mid-August to 17,000.